The Amish Hacker

Amish made...but not like that ripoff furniture

Amish in the sense that, at one point, my family helped others raise barns.
Now I build websites to help others build their businesses.

And like my Amish forebears, I believe in open, honest, simple systems to give you the results that are affordable and easy to maintain. So if you think, “Wow…for a web designer, this website is really…plain” that’s the point. If the Amish built a website it’d probably be a lot like this one. But my work, viewable through the Portfolio link above, shows my capabilities extend past plainness.

I proudly build websites using Squarespace; while I can custom-code website solutions, they become cumbersome, expensive, and aren’t necessary for 98% of businesses needing websites. By leveraging the available technology of Squarespace, I can build and publish a website in days, not weeks, reducing your development timeline and limiting your costs.

Another benefit is if you ever decide you no longer need our services, it doesn’t mean undoing a mess of code and custom server solutions at great time and expense; you are able to log in to your website directly and make updates as you want. You’re always in control of your website presence, so even if a cow tramples me tomorrow, you’re not left in the lurch.

Building a website is only half of the battle now; people need to find it, and by extension, find your business. This is why we also offer SEO (search engine optimization for better Google search results) and Social Marketing strategies to bring customers to you at a fraction of the cost of traditional media and advertising. And if you need images better than those taken on your phone, we offer affordable photography and graphic design capabilities or can put you in touch with top tier local professionals who are nationally known for their work.

Honest, Simple, Practical, Beautiful.
That’s what we promise to deliver. Contact us today to see how we can build your business up.